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5 Maintenance Tips for Your Solar Panels in Hawaii

As the rise of pollution is causing threats to the environment, people in Hawaii are taking steps to tackle this issue by installing solar panels in order to produce clean and environment-friendly energy for homes. In addition, people are also saving big amount using green energy via Hawaii solar tax credit. If you also contributing to the good cause, here are few tips for you to maintain your solar panels for better results.

PV solar system Hawaii

Maintaining and protecting any item is the chief part of owning them. Most Solar Panels in Hawaii are made of anodized aluminum, tempered glass, and are not attached with movable parts (except the tracking arrays). So they are extremely durable, convenient, and require little maintenance.

Here are FIVE TIPS to best maintain and protect your solar panels for longer and maximum efficiency:

1. Keep clear of dirt and debris

Always check and ensure that your solar panels are free from dirt and debris. Dirty panels tend to get damaged easily and fail to produce the intended amount of energy, while sterile panels will continue to perform well and produce maximum energy.

2. Be cautious while cleaning

Never use hot water, RainX, car wax, and salt contained products on the panels. Using such products can cause permanent damage to your solar panels as well as electrical elements and the roof. If you wish to wash them, spray lukewarm water on the panels and wipe it off with a cloth. It is best to use a leaf blower to clean the solar panels.

3. Perform a regular check

Use a solar panel monitoring system to keep a regular check on your panels and to ensure that they are performing at best. The Monitoring systems will provide you with data of the electrical output, track degradation, and notify you of any malfunction/damage in the solar system.

4. Take precaution

While caring for your solar system, it is important that you check your safety first. Be extremely caution while climbing the roof or on slippery/wet surface. Ensure that the PV System is turned off before cleaning the panels and stay away from any electrical components.

5. Get assistance from a Professional

While maintaining your solar panels may seem like an easy task, it is important to take assistance from experts, especially if you are not so conversant and confident about it. A professional will efficiently handle the solar system, take precautions, and avoid unnecessary damage.

If you haven’t yet joined the force to save our environment, you can do it now. Contact your friends at one of the Top Solar Companies in Hawaii and get your solar panels installed today. Pro Solar Hawaii provides a complete installation service for all commercial and residential clients.

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