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7 Methods to Maintain Your Solar Panels in Hawaii

When you install a solar panel on the rooftop of your home, you must always take certain precautions such that your Solar Panels Hawaii are not damaged.

PV solar system Hawaii

Here are 7 ways you can take precautions to save your solar panels from damage.

1. Turn of the PV System Before Cleaning: The PV system or the photovoltaic system of the solar panel refers to the overall mechanism of the solar panel which converts light energy into electricity. Before cleaning the panels, make sure that you switch off the PV system to prevent it from getting damaged. You can call your solar panel installation company and ask them how to do this. If you are unsure, call them and let them do it.

2. Keep Rough Materials Away From The Panels: Using abrasive materials to clean your solar panels clean can be a decision gone wrong. Since these materials can scratch the surface of your solar panels and may even render them partially useful. Similarly, try not to scratch your solar panel’s surface with a sharp object.

3.Clean Them When They’re Cool: This doesn’t need much explanation. Since your solar panels are hot, you should refrain from cleaning them in mid-day, even if it’s winter. It’s always better to clean them early morning or in the evening right before sunset.

4. Try Not To Use A High-Pressure Hose: A high-pressure hose can damage your solar panels because of the pressure it creates on the surface. Try to use low-pressure water pipe. If you have no alternative, use the hose from a safe distance.

5. Use Only Soft Water To Clean The Panels: Hard water contains a high amount of salts and minerals. It is usually an abrasive liquid due to a high amount of these substances. These can damage your solar panels. Instead, use soft water directly from the faucet so that your panels don't get scratched and scarred.

6. No Prior Experience? Hire A Professional: If you have no prior experience in cleaning solar panels, and if you are not confident either, hire a professional. A professional knows well how to handle the solar panels and take related precautions.

7. Be Careful: When climbing on your rooftop, always take precautions. Have holding bars installed on the rooftop and the near walls? Always ensure that you are not losing your balance.

These were top 7 precautions to be taken for Solar Panels in Big Island.

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