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Solar Payback Credit in Hawaii

The Hawaiian energy industry is making a rapid change to adapt the solar power energy system as a better alternative to reducing high energy costs that are spent annually in order to supply electricity to the big island state. Most homeowners and business owners in Hawaii have now started to make use of solar power energy to power their homes and workplaces instead of depending on other sources.

PV solar system Hawaii

While installing solar panels for your homes or workplace may require a high up-front investment, it can benefit you from getting electricity from Hawaii Solar Power Energy that is never-ending and getting the highest returns from your investment over time.

When it comes to solar payback in Hawaii, the state does something more unique than most states on how the ‘solar payback’ is circulated amongst the customers.

The Customer Grid Supply Plus program in Hawaii enables customers to use the energy as much as they require as long as there is sunlight and then give the excess energy back to the HELCO. This excess solar energy is then recycled and distributed to other customers.

In most states, customers receive full credit for that excess electricity. The amount of energy that they consumed during the night is deducted by the amount of energy they have already transferred to the grid.

In Hawaii, the solar payback rule for Hawaii Solar Power Energy is a little different. Customers get only a reduced-cost credit (half the cost) for the excess electricity they send and the amount for the electricity used at night is deduced in full amount. This reduced- cost credit policy makes it extremely confusing and difficult to estimates how much exactly customers are saving.

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