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Solar Storage Batteries

The 21st century is the age where nations worldwide are joining hands in a desperate attempt to save and revive the dying environment. Renewable sources of energy are named so because they are available in abundance in nature and mankind is making the best efforts to manage and utilize these resources for achieving a sustainable future.

Rising demand for solar energy

Let’s take solar energy for instance. Solar panels, Solar cells and solar powered batteries are being used worldwide to generate solar energy to suffice the electricity and power requirements on individual, community and national levels. It is considered to be one of the two cleanest and most eco-friendly modes of power generation today, along with wind energy. Simply because the raw material (Sunlight) is available in abundance and there are absolutely no wastes generated in the process of producing solar power.
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Solar storage batteries and its advantages

Battery storage is the next big thing in renewable energy and advancements in solar technology have made it more affordable, and advancements in battery technologies are giving customers greater energy independence.

Solar power technology has expanded further from just the conventional use of solar panels to Solar storage batteries and inverters that can let homeowners avoid peak, high-cost energy costs. These solar batteries are charged with energy from solar panels installed on the terrace or a solar field.


Power generated from solar energy systems have numerous advantages over electricity generated from conventional sources of energylike coal and other fossil fuels.

  • • Does not create toxic air pollution

  • • Does not harm human health

  • • Does not poison or pollute land and water

  • • Does not contribute to climate change

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Types of solar storage batteries

Depending on the energy consumption requirements and usage capacities, there are 5 major types of solar storage batteries commonly in use today:

  • • Flooded Lead-Acid

  • • Gelled Electrolyte Sealed Lead-Acid

  • • Sealed Absorbed Glass Mat Lead-Acid (AGM)

  • • Lithium-ion

  • • Flow

How do solar batteries work?

Any basic Solar energy system generates electricity whenever the sun is shining, often making more than a home needs during peak seasons. That excess energy is sent to the grid, and the solar storage battery takes this excess electricity and storing it. The prime advantage here is that the homeowner usually receives a credit from their utility that can offset the electricity used at night

This stored solar energy can be used to complement power from the grid at night or to power essential appliances during a power outage. The bigger the battery, the more power can be stored. After the battery is chargedany excess or unused power flows back to the utility.

  • 1. The Sun The sun provides a free and abundant source of energy for almost 12 hours of the day.
  • 2. Solar Panels Photovoltaic Solar Cells inside solar panels installed on roof tops, terraces and open fields convert the suns solar energy into direct current (DC) electricity.
  • 3. Inverters This direct current (DC) is converted into alternating current (AC) by the inverters which we use in our homes and businesses.
  • 4. Power Sharing The excess or unused power is then sent back into the grid, literally turning the meter backwards.

A home solar storage battery can come in really handy during sudden power outages, especially during bad weather. It is a clean, quiet alternative to a noisy generator. But it is also important to keep in mind that a home battery is designed to keep only essential appliances up and running. Which implies thatnot every light or piece of electrical equipment used in the house.

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If you are worried about power outages and utility power constantly going out during bad weather, then you should consult and try out solar energy storage products from PRO SOLAR HAWAII for your Home or Business.

Pro Solar Hawaii is a registered Hawaii based company that provides renewable energy storage system for homes and businesses. Their catalogue consists of all different varieties of solar storage batteries and other energy systems that will provide you renewable energy backup in case of sudden power outages.

PRO SOLAR HAWAII is the leading solar energy system providers in Hawaii and has covered a major portion of Hawaii with their services. The company caters services for both residential and commercial properties and offer top-to-bottom solar panels installation and maintenance service.

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