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How It Works ProSolar Hawaii
When we turn on the lights, where does our electricity come from?
Hawaii has abundant sunshine that can power our homes, businesses
and communities today and help build a better future. Unlike electricity
generated by coal and other fossil fuels, solar power does not create
toxic air pollution, does not harm human health, does not poison land
and water, and does not contribute to climate change.
1. The Sun
Our sun's heat and light provide an abundant source of energy in Hawaii, and its free!
2. Solar Panels
Photovoltaic Solar Cells convert the suns solar energy into direct current electricity.
3. Inverters
The inverters convert direct current electricity into alternating current, which we use in our homes and businesses.
4. Power Sharing
The excess power you do not use is sent back into the grid, literally turning the meter backwards.
5. Community
With our continuing efforts, we benifit the whole community by creating a greener tomorrow!