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Electricity Savings

With a Solar Pv Electric system from Pro Solar Hawaii.You will receive a monthly credit from the utility on your Electric bill by generating your own electricity with the power of the Sun. The savings will depend on the actual size of your own Solar Pv system, installed, and the price of electricity in your particular area where you live. and will be every month over the life of the system, which is estimated to be approximately 25 to 30 years. Just remember Utility rates are expected to rise over the coming years. Protect your Home from Utility power outages, with an Energy Storage system, or Generator, Call us today for Details.

Going Green - Homeowners Big Savings With Solar

Federal and State tax incentives can offer you up to 61% of the system cost, depending on your tax situation. Let us show you how much you can save with a Free in Home Energy Audit consolation.

Federal Tax Credits Hawaii Federal Tax Credits

Homeowners can receive a Federal Tax credit of 26 percent of the cost of a Solar Pv Electric system for their home, with no limit on that credit amount. Unused portion of any amount may be used each year until used up for a maximum of 20 years.

State Tax Credits Hawaii Hawaii State Tax Credits

Homeowners can receive a State tax credit of 35 percent of the cost of the system with a cap of $5,000 per each 5 Kw installed . Any unused amount may be used each year until Finished.

Need help in filing your returns? We can refer you to one of our tax professionals that have extensive knowledge in this area and can help you with your filings. Just ask us for details

Solar Financing

Solar Financing through local Credit unions And Local Hawaii Banks
Zero down & no payments for 6 months is available. Ask us for Details
At Pro Solar Hawaii We Offer Solar financing for just about any Situation Call us today at (808) 339-1106 for details.